Repairs and Upgrades

Hardware & Upgrades

Perhaps one of NCS greatest skills is the provision of hardware and upgrades for their customers.

Having worked on computers for many years, NCS has compiled a large assortment of computer hardware that will help maintain your computer for years to come!


Is your machine too slow? Would you like your video to be more crisp on your monitor? Are you interested in up-dated storage solutions for you data?

NCS is willing to spend the time with you and trouble shoot ways to improve your computer performance.


NCS has significant knowledge base and skills with machines built from the 1980’s and beyond.

Do you feel like bringing out your old Tandy CoCo, Atari or your favorite Commodore 64? NCS can provide you with many of your old favorite PC games from the yesteryear, as well as a custom refresher tutoring session in DOS.